Aiming to book at HASH?

We know that lots of people would prefer to book at HASH rather than just rock-up to the door. We get an awful lot of calls/messages every week.

During the main part of the day we’re just too busy to take bookings……..

It doesn’t seem to work!

However, from hereon, we’d like to offer the chance to book for early brekkers in the week.

This means that you can rest assured that there will immediately be a table ready.

See the rules below.

Which days? Monday – Friday
What times?8am – 10am only
Maximum number of guests 16

In particular this may suit small outfits aiming to treat their staff without breaking the bank or being interviewed by the cops at midnight outside the train station ‘cos Steve in Accounts was sick on a Nun… or Suchlike!

This is “GO GO GO” from now.

So to book just give us a bell!

01905 697971