Served 12pm - 4pm

    • Kids Menu

    • Cheeseburger Slider


      Cheeseburger slider served with lettuce, Heinz beans, and fries

    • Cheese Toastie


      Cheddar cheese toastie on your choice of white or brown bread (gfo) (v)

    • Kids Full Breakfast


      1 Old Spot sausage, 1 rasher of bacon, egg of your choice, smashed avocado, Heinz beans and sourdough toast (gfo)

    • Kids Vegan Breakfast


      1 Vegan Moving Mountains sausage, scrambled tofu, smashed avocado, Heinz beans, sourdough toast (Vg)

    • Beans on Toast


      on sourdough toast (gfo) (v)

    • Battered Fish Fingers


      Battered haddock fish fingers, with frites and minty crushed peas

    • Brownie


      With vanilla ice cream (v)

    • Kids Veggie Breakfast


      1 Vegan Moving Mountains sausage, egg of your choice, Heinz beans, smashed avocado, sourdough toast (v)